Consultant Board

Strategic planning

Executive Committee

Executing Groups & Social Enterprise

Four Departments

Case Support

Public Education

Rehabilitation Resources

Policy Advocacy

Social Enterprise

Honorary Consultant Board

Honorary Consultant
Ms Ophelia Chan, BBS
Mr Wu King Cheong, BBS, JP
Mr Andrew Kwok
Ms Rose Goodstadt, MBE
Dr Kenneth Fong
Ms Maria Wong
Mr Philip Yuen
Dr Angel Li
Dr Gloria Siu
Dr Lillian Wong
Mr Eddie Suen
Mr Howard Ling, MH
Medical and Affairs Consultant Dr. York Chow Yat-ngok, GBS, SBS, MBE
Dr. Chung On Ming
Dr. Ho Lap Yin
Environmental Assistance Consultant Mr Joseph Kwan, MH
Personal Care Consultant Mr So Kai Cheong
Financial Consultant Mr Wong Wa Sun, Thomas
Legal Consultant
Ms Szwina Pang
Mr Eric Chiu
Mr Danny K.F.Lau
Mr Rene Hout
Physio-therapeutic Consultant
Dr Chung Wai Man
Resources Consultant Mr Ng Hang Sau
Occupational-therapeutic Consultant Mr Vincent Ng

Executive Committee

Rabi Yim

Rabi Yim (Chairperson)

Sam Lee

Sam Lee, MH (Vice Chairperson)

Willy Law

Willy Law, MH (Vice Chairperson)

Allen Chan

Allen Chan, MH (Vice Chairperson)

Chow Chi Ming

Chow Chi Ming (Vice Chairperson)

Lau Min

Lau Min (Vice Chairperson)

Steve So

Steve So (Vice Chairperson)

Sky Ho

Sky Ho (Committee Member)

Chiu Tak Hing

Chiu Tak Hing (Committee Member)

Wong Hon Wai

Wong Hon Wai (Committee Member)

Janet Cheung

Janet Cheung (Committee Member)

Alan Lau

Alan Lau (Committee Member)

Darren Chan

Darren Chan (Committee Member)

Social Enterprise Committee

Chairperson Rabi Yim
Vice Chairperson Clara Chuen

Howard Ling, MH

Dr. Gloria Siu

Secretary   Billy Man
Committee Members 


Sam Lee, MH
Willy Law, MH
Sky Ho
Terry Yip
Pearl Yung
Steve Chow
Dominic Wai


Chief Executive Lillian Li
Executive Director (RSW) Luk Ka Ming
Centre in Charge Ada Yip
Administration Officer Pamela Tang
Case Assistant Milk Leung
Policy Advocacy Officer Ben Chu
Event Coordinator Christie Tse

Dougie Chung

Curtis Chan

Yoyo Yau

Rachel Cheng

Iris Fang

Nicholas Tsang

Driver & Technician Chan Chung Tak
Technician Wilfred Chow
Cleansing Worker Lee Yuen Wing
Project Officer (Social Enterprise) Joey Wong
Creative Officer (Social Enterprise) Davis Dai
Project Officer (Social Enterprise) Leo Ho
Business Assistant (Social Enterprise) Chan Lee Fung
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